Pizza and Beer Bread


The New Vintage Kitchen

This is a nutritious quick bread that has all the flavor of pizza, and you can load it with your favorite pizza topping!


I’ve probably baked more in the last month than in the entire previous year! Making bread every week with “Ginny Junior,” my sourdough starter, as well as brioche for Easter and lots of other baked goods.


There’s plenty of time these days to let the mind wander, and you never know what little idea will pop into your head. When I made pizza one night for supper last week, I was thinking about how much everyone loves the flavors in a pizza, the tomato, the oregano and basil, the cheese. I also thought about how so many people love to eat pizza and beer together! Would the flavors work in a bread?

An hour, start to finish

I decided on a quick bread for a change…

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