Orange and Quince Duck Legs


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Whenever I’m lucky enough to find quince at the store, I immediately grab a few. It is such a wonderful and versatile fruit, and it is a real shame its’ season is fairly short.
On top of being such a fragrant fruit, quince has so much pectin in it, it is no wonder that its’ main use is in making jams, jellies and fruit pastes. Quince is also great for making Pate de Fruit, a recipe I have shared a while ago, and can be found HERE.
However, the uses of quince are not limited to sweet dishes. All over the Mediterranean and the Middle East, quince is used in many savory dishes, mainly in lamb or meat stews. Quince adds its unique aroma, slight acidity and subtle sweetness to the dishes, while it thickens the sauce at the same time.
As I was about to make my…

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