Creamy Miso Udon with Shrimp and Mushrooms


The Gastronomy Gal

Make this savory chewy udon noodle dish with a creamy miso sauce in just 20 minutes!

Creamy miso udon noodles, a Japanese and Italian(ish) fusion dish, is a flavor-exploding meal with umami elements. The dish contains chewy udon noodles, thick noodles made from wheat flour, a miso alfredo sauce, brown mushrooms, and shrimp. In a way, it’s basically an alfredo pasta with miso and spaghetti substituted with udon noodles. Udon noodles are one of my favorite noodles because of their chewy texture and ability to hold on to more sauce.

Miso paste, or fermented soybean paste, adds a salty umami flavor to foods and is most commonly used in soups, seafood, and meat dishes. Miso is very versatile, so it’s no wonder that is works extremely well in a pasta dish! This dish is so flavorful and delicious that it is now becoming one of my go-to dishes. For the…

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