Chickpea Almond Salad


Nutrition Prescriptions

I love mayo unlike a lot of people, so the pic from this recipe from caught my eye. It looked like a hearty chicken salad sandwich — except it was vegan. I doubted a mixture of tahini and mashed chickpeas could taste like chicken salad but I was wrong! When everything blended together, it made sense and seriously reminded me of chicken salad. It’s super-easy to prepare. All you need is a bowl and fork.

I highly recommend trying this recipe at least once if you’re moving towards plant-based meals. It’s creamy and rich but has crunch from the nuts and apples, and slight sweetness from the fruit. You could eat a big scoop alone for breakfast or lunch, or on a few whole grain crackers, a rice cake, or a low-carb high-fiber wrap like Tumaro’s (contains 5-6 grams net carbs). FYI, net carbs = total carbs minus the…

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