Spinach Curry


Tanooki Homemade Cafe

This is National Spinach Day! For spinach lovers like me, today’s the day for you!

I have cooked several Indian curry, and here is another one and is one of my favorites! The best traits for this curry is, you won’t have a headache for how to remove curry stain! 

Let’s think back to your childhood. Did your parents let you wear an apron to avoid spill on your clothes? Curry usually contains turmeric, and when it makes a stain on your clothes, it hardly ever disappears! My mom used to let me wear an apron whenever dinner is curry, but as kids do, I spilled curry where an apron doesn’t cover that area, almost 100%. Eventually I had to wear special clothes that I can only wear while eating curry. Now I’m grown-up, and I can understand how shocking it is to get curry stains on my clothes, especially…

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