Biko or bibingka? A Filipino Rice Cake story (with my mom’s recipe included)


Adventures of Sweet Monday

While visiting my parents, my mom showed me how to make bibingka, which is a Filipino Rice cake. When I was little, my favorite Filipino dessert was bibingka. So I was excited to learn how to make this delicious dessert.

I noticed, however, that my mom was using a biko recipe to make bibingka. I actually never even heard of biko so I was curious to know the difference between biko and bibingka. I googled it and found out that biko is made from glutinous rice (usually combination of black rice and white sweet rice) and is topped with Latik, which is fried coconut milk curd. Bibingka is made from white glutinous rice and topped with caramelized sugar and coconut cream.

Mom’s bibingka

My mom used this biko recipe and modified it into a bibingka recipe by topping it with coconut milk and brown sugar and then caramelizing it. Here…

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