Brioche buns with Sweet Corn, cheddar and cilantro


A Hint of Spice

These cheesy pull-apart buns are bursting with flavour. Soft and buttery, the kernels of corn provide bursts of sweetness along with the rich taste of cheddar cheese and herby cilantro. They are perfect for breakfast or dinner. Or you can just pack them for a quick snack if you’re rushed for time. They are quite delicious eaten on their own and perfect for sharing.

You could of course try various combinations of cheese and herbs with whatever you have on hand. These buns can be shaped and frozen for up to three weeks wrapped tightly in cling film. Be sure to thaw them in the refrigerator the night before baking them. You also need to proof them before baking at room temperature.

Refrigerating the dough overnight increases the flavour of the bread and also gives it a darker colour when baked. I used instant yeast instead of the fresh yeast…

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