Black-eye bean masala with spinach


Bunminola Bakes

So I am 4 days into the first working week of the year. It’s been OK. It has mostly been admin-filled. This has been busy enough. One day I got rather enthusiastic about one of the projects I have been working on and did a 12-hour shift. A bizaare concept in this current world, to be doing that at home. Try as I might, sometimes I blur the boundaries between work and home. It’s a bit silly really, especially as it turned out that nobody was as interested in the work as me. Disappointing but I guess other people have their priorities.

Anyway, in trying to make working at home at bit more ‘normal’, I decided to cook lunch. Normally Ignacio whips up a pasta dish and in the summer it was salads but today I thought about my work colleagues who would be cooking for their children while home…

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