Cranberry Orange Nut Bread


The New Vintage Kitchen

When I start cooking with oranges, that signals the holidays to me. Cranberry orange nut bread combines sweet, savory, and tangy, and rounds out the bread basket!

This is my favorite cranberry bread recipe. It is bursting with cranberries and the flavor combined with the orange is a celebration of the holidays. It is also really easy to make!

The evolution of recipe

My friend Nance brought me a loaf of this delectable bread many years ago and I loved it, so she gave me this recipe and I’ve made it ever since. Her recipe did not include the vanilla, so I added it, and as time went on, the orange zest and orange extract as well. These add tons of flavor to the loaf, so that is how this recipe has evolved.

Different nuts

This is delicious with walnuts, but you can substitute any nut of choice, or omit…

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