Scallion Dinner Rolls (w/ Vegan Option)


The Gastronomy Gal

Fluffy dinner rolls topped with savory mayonnaise and scallion are the perfect savory snack or side dish!

Who doesn’t love a good dinner roll? They’re pillowy soft and great by itself or paired with other foods. Step up your dinner roll game with these Chinese bakery-style rolls that are topped with mayonnaise and scallion. The mayonnaise melts like butter and the scallions roast in the oven. Your entire home will smell so fragrant from the roasted scallions.

Raw scallions have a sharp and pungent flavor that may be unpleasant, but they lose the sharpness and become quite sweet once they’re cooked in the oven. The combination of fluffy bread with the scallion topping is an East Asian classic. The best part is, these dinner rolls are quick and easy to make and can be kneaded in a stand mixer or by hand. If kneading by hand, the knead time is…

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