Beef Curry Puffs (Video)


The Gastronomy Gal

These savory Japanese beef curry puffs are flaky and full of flavors. They are perfect for Thanksgiving and using frozen puff pastry makes this recipe extremely simple!

When I visited Japan, I tried a fried bread called karepan, which is deep-fried bread coated with panko bread crumbs and stuffed with Japanese curry. It was absolutely delicious and perfect for the cold weather. The food stall was small, but popular as many tourists and locals waited for their karepan. Japanese curry is basic but flavorful as it includes just a few main ingredients such as beef or pork, carrots, onions, and sometimes potatoes. The curry roux can be made from scratch, but nowadays, most people use pre-made curry roux such as S&B Golden Curry and House Vermont Curry. Since the curry is so simple to make, I thought I might as well make my own curry and instead of stuffing…

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