Another kind of Gnocchi


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There are several Italian recipes that are pretty popular and available at restaurants all around the globe, even at non Italian places. Gnocchi is certainly one of them.

Gnocchi is a pretty simple recipe made with patatoes and white flour (even thoug, some also add an egg to stick the dough together). Gnocchi are commonly served with cheese sauce or with ragout (especially the sausage ragout). However, through the years, the gnocchi-making technique has been adapted to a pretty wide variety of recipes. Therefore, the traditional ingredient, can now be replaced with other vegetables, and more can be added. In fact, in the past few decades a surge of food intolerance was recorded all around the globe, including Italy, forcing cooks and chefs to adjust even the more traditional recipes to the need of preserving people’s health allowing even intolerant or allergic subjects to enjoy a revised version of the…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging my post. Hope you have enjoyed making these simple and delicious gnocchi!!

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