Chinese bakery-style cake

Bunminola Bakes

Did I mention that is September?

Did I mention it is the month of Birthdays?

This week it’s my best friend, my mother, my brother and another very good friend.

A busy month…

I’m on annual leave now, which in the time of a coronavirus pandemic, is an interesting feat.

Last time I had two weeks annual leave, it was at the start of the lockdown and my Norgewian holiday was ‘deferred’. It appears that something similiar is happening this time. It may not be full-on lockdown but there are some restrictions. Lucky, we have so far been able to manage a quick but much needed trip to Devon for the weekend, with friends. It was great, I might share pictures in another post at some point in time.

The first official day of my annual leave was my best friend’s birthday. I spent the day planning for and baking…

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