Baking Red Velvet Tea Cakes with Strawberry Creme-Filled Oreos

The Journey & Destination

Baking ingredients are back! Thankfully, they’ve been available for quite some time now. Never have I ever been elated to spot items like flour and boxed cake mixes! Speaking of cake mixes, I found a cake mix that sounded like an enjoyable baking project: red velvet.

As soon as my eyes detected those boxes, I had a momentary flashback to 2015/2016 – the season that I was experimenting with chocolate cookie mixes: transforming them into tea cakes by adding other ingredients (I vividly remember adding self-raising flour in one instance) as a hobby. My kitchen was a mini lab, and the results were oh-so good.

Post-2015, I rarely browse the boxed cake mix section of the baking aisle. But, if there’s one treat I’d choose to use a baking mix for, it’s got to be red velvet cake. Red velvet is one of my favorites in the cake realm: caramel…

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