Spinach and Potato Gozleme


The Gastronomy Gal

Try this traditional Turkish savory flatbread that is extremely delicious and simple to make.

When I visited Turkey last year, I saw these layered flatbreads at every rest stop, supermarket, food stall, and restaurant. They were often filled with cheese, meats, spinach, or a combination of those ingredients. It reminded be of a quesadilla/calzone fusion, but the dough was very thin, which drew my attention. I liked the fact that there was less dough and more filling, so I immediately purchased a spinach and feta one at a rest stop for less than $1. The flatbread was called gozleme, and when I bit into it, I was SOLD. It was one of the best things I have ever eaten, and for the duration of my trip, I ate one every day. I am not kidding, because the gozleme was so readily available everywhere, I would eat one for breakfast or…

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