Very Berry Coffee Cake


The New Vintage Kitchen

The berries are everywhere, and we never run out of recipes using these treasurers. The grandkids and I joke that sometimes the berries don’t make it all the way home, so we have to buy double!

My mom loved making coffee cakes, usually simple recipes with a light streusel topping. She made these little cakes quickly and with no fuss in a square baking pan, nine ample servings. With seven of us in the house, we all got dessert, and there was a piece left for my dad’s lunch. I think my mom tucked the last piece away for her cook’s treat.

Use whatever berries are in season

This time around, I used blueberries and raspberries, but you can substitute any mix of berries you like, or use just one kind. I particularly love this with just blackberries, my favorite berry! This recipe is quick to put together, and really…

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