Korean Seafood Pancake


The Gastronomy Gal

Make this popular Korean appetizer and street food – a pan fried pancake stuffed with seafood and green onions! It is simple to make and exploding with flavor.

Korean seafood pancake, haemul pajeon, is a savory pancake filled with a variety of seafood that is often eaten as an appetizer. The pancake is pan-fried until crisp and served with a dipping sauce. This is one of my favorite Korean dishes and I order it almost every time I dine at Korean restaurants. Because there is plenty of seafood in the pancake, it can be quite pricey but more affordable to make at home. This recipe uses common ingredients and is overall very simple.

As a kimchi lover, I added kimchi into the batter which adds a slight tang, crunch, and complements the seafood well. Kimchi is quite potent, but once it is in the pancake, the kimchi flavor is not…

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