Easy Recipe on How to Make Arepas


Kika Carvalho

One of my mom’s close friends introduced me to arepas when I was eight years old. There has always been the disagreement about whether arepas are from Venezuela or Colombia. No one really knows the answer. All we know is that arepas are amazing. Arepas is a type of food that is made from ground maize dough. You can eat them just with butter or you can fill them with any toppings like eggs, chicken, avocado, steak, tomatoes, onions, bacon, etc. Pretty much anything you want. I tend to eat one plain arepa with just butter and then a second one with bacon, fried egg, cheese and avocado. This past weekend I decided to try and make them myself for the first time ever. They came out so delicious so I wanted to share the recipe with you. I also did a TikTok video that you can find here that…

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