Strawberry cake


Scandinavian Simple Eating

Me and my family went strawberry picking yesterday. This reminded me about my childhood, when my older sister and my mom went strawberry picking. The went to this strawberry farm, not far from our summer house, every summer to help the owner to get their strawberries picked and thereafter sold. I don’t know if I was too young to come with them, or if I was a better sales person than a strawberry picker. But I was the one who was sitting on our street with a lot of strawberry boxes trying to sell them (except for them we ate ourself) to the bypassing neighbours. That is a wonderful memory!

This time, I had my 14 months daughter with me for strawberry picking. I could she how much she loved walking around helping me putting the strawberries in a bucket. We came home with 10 lb strawberries. 🙂 The first…

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